Heavy Magic Website

The Heavy Magic website is a nexus for information exchange between Heavy Magic, associated entities, and everyone else. It is Transducer's personal and professional website.

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Transducer is the owner and operator of the Heavy Magic website. Editorial decisions for content, some actual content, and most design and execution are Transducer's doing. Praise, blame, or other communication regarding this site should go to Transducer.

Current Website Design

The current chromatically divested design is as much an exploration into psychology as it is an exercise of serious artistry. Vast differences in the audience's appreciation illuminate the immensely varied experiences we are subject to, shine light on our distinct natures, throwing our uniqueness into sharp contrast. We cry out for more than mediocrity, aching for truth, objectivity, and justness. And, in our folly of pride, in our disregard for the eternal shades of right and wrong, we think to know what is good or evil; the judgement of the shrewdest among us manifest in words thundering: "This website sucks!"